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The polymer, metallurgy and electrical Industry are in regular flow. Directors always seek the route which leads them to do trade or manufacture better.

They need to follow: Novel technologies, New Productions, Innovative materials, Friendly environment products, Competition.

Business owners prefer suppliers who are able to perceive the changes in terms of new productions, technology and environment and also they select who acts in quick response. Chemiekas gmbh is working on above mentioned fields for clients without interruptions.

We provide and offer a wide range of materials with experienced team for the global markets.

Our focuses include plastics (commodity, engineering and high performance), rubbers and additives for polymer industries. Formulating and manufacturing polymeric alloys, toughening plastics and reinforcing plastics and rubbers can be performed by us aswell.  Furthermore, biodegradable plastics, nanocomposites and feedstocks
for powder injection molding, i.e. PIM, can be supplied in any kind of applications. Another field of the Chemiekas gmbh company is performance of the research and development in polymers and PIM. Different projects were studied in case of nanocomposites and biodegradability of the plastics such as PE, PP, PS, SAN and ABS. Now we are working on the biocompatibility of the high performance nanocomposites.